New Adventure in South America

Alaska to Argentina in 500 Days, that's how it all began 6 years ago and my first big international trip around the world that created some amazing viral videos, vlogs and inspiring content that essentially started my life on YouTube that you see today. Today, I return to South America for the 3rd time in my life to start and continue a trip I began 10 months ago. I wanted to return to South America because I'm starting a new video series here on YouTube, about that lifestyle and personal experiences I encounter while traveling ( not so much the motorcycle aspect but more general travel lifestyle ) and I wanted to pick a place and location that I knew well and would provide an incredible experience to share with you, my subscribers and the world. 6 years ago, I had 1 camera with terrible quality. Today I have the experience, and camera gear to truly tell the story and experience it is to travel Latin America and my personal struggles in travel in the way that I like to do it, by motorcycle. It allows me to visit and go places that most travelers can't and experience the culture and people in ways that are unique and very authentic. I invite you to join me in this new video series and format around South America. Whether you like motorcycle or not, the idea of these new videos is that bring everyone along for the adventure as I focus on lifestyle and adventure rather than just motorcycle.

About the Alex

I'm a photographer and videographer that creates compelling and inspirational travel content. I"m always out somewhere having an adventure.

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