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About Me

            Greetings internet viewer! My name is Alex, back in 2012, I graduated from the University of Texas; I took a break from medical school, sold all my belongings and drove my motorcycle from Alaska to Argentina and back in 500 days on an Epic Travel Adventure for Charity.

            Since then I've conquered over +50 Countries, +80 Border Crossings on 5 Continents backpacking, flying, hitchhiking and even riding over +250,000 Km across +75 Borders by motorbike.


            I am a Videographer, Photographer, Inspirational Speaker, Blogger and Vlogger. I am the #1 Ranked Adventure Travel Rider on social media, took the most Epic Selfie of 2014 according to CBS News, and was Google's 11th most searched name/trend in 2014. People also say I've created and popularized trends that have shaped en entire generation like the Dronie and 360 Selfie.

            I'm always documenting my continuous travels around the world, learning new skills, failing miserably and succeeding in the process and sharing it with my followers, along with creating unique pictures and videos on destinations, rugged adventures, how to's, daily Vlogs, tech reviews, travel hacks and tips, film making techniques, viral videos and more. All while providing fun, innovative and engaging videos, articles and stories along with inspirational content that provides the motivation, education and tools to help others follow their own passions and dreams in life, be successful and safe while traveling, learning new skills, breaking past your comfort zone or just realizing that you can do anything you set your mind to, becoming the hero of your own story.

Currently I continue to document my adventurous life from learning how to skydive, daily life, gearing up for my next epic 6 month trek across the globe, and working with brands and the tourism industry to continue making one of a kind, highly engaging and viral content. Because let's face it, no one pays you just to travel or adventure, so this is how this operation of conquering the world stays sustainable.

My hidden motivation is that I'm always in search of that golden unicorn known as a viral video and at any given moment you'll find me filming or planning my next far I've had quite a few and realize I have a knack for it which is why you are reading this today!

Extended Bio

Still reading huh?

Ok, now that you got my elevator pitch, I'll attempt to answer all your curious questions.

I'm originally from El Paso Texas, my family is from Mexico but I was raised in the United States. I realize I don't look Mexican or North American, which is hilarious as I speak both languages fluently, and people can never tell where I'm from.

At age 17, I drove my motorcycle from Texas to California to Canada then Florida. I crossed 45 U.S. States in 30 days across 15,000 miles in my attempt to capture my own "Desktop Wallpaper Pictures" as well mend a broken heart, this was the beginning of my photography, videographer, and motorcycle riding and traveling.

I graduated from the university of Texas with honors with my Bachelors in Biomedical Sciences, Chemistry and Nutrition, all paid for by scholarships applied for and received, and worked in level 3 Biohazard lab for most of that and got burnt out sitting in a lab everyday studying human carcinoma cells.

I was destined to become a doctor but took a break to travel, discover the world, and find out how people where living and surviving elsewhere. I sold all my belongings and risked everything to start my travels on an extreme budget This became my 500 Day from Alaska to Argentina by motorbike. I helped raise money and awareness for a local Charity in Juarez Mexico and for the Children of Uganda during this, and I also volunteered my time and self to charitable causes in each of the 22 Latin American countries I visited during my expedition south, from planting trees in Belize, water reclamation project in Peru and teaching English in Guatemala.

This trip was documented on my first blog, and produced some adventurous and hilarious videos I started to post on my YouTube. Eventually after my trip I sat down for 3 months to edit my first viral video, the Modern Motorcycle Diaries.

Because I came back home with only $20 in my pocket, I then opened up a motorcycle tour company where I had one client I toured for 6 months all the way from Arizona to Peru. Sadly he ended his own life after our journey together and I finished the rest of the trip in his honor. After my return I again sat down for 8 months learning to edit videos, all on YouTube tutorials, and came out with my claim to fame, the 3 Year Epic Selfie that got over +14 Million views on YouTube alone and over 200 Million views worldwide and put me on the front page of every major publication as well national and international TV interviews on some of the biggest programs and stations in the world. See my Press page Here

I then realized that I was able to change, inspire, educated and reach more people than I could have ever dreamed of as a doctor, from thousands to millions of people. I realized I could have a greater effect on the world this way and thus here we are.

I've had some difficult times on the road, like being stranded for 4 days without food and a broken motorcycle in the most remote part of the Patagonia, bureaucratic corruption that got me arrested/detained various times in Central America and the Middle East, being robbed in intense crime stricken areas, dealing with natural disasters that wiped out entire villages and roads, to sleeping in parking lots/next to rivers with malaria infested mosquitoes, running out of money only 200 miles from tip of the continent and other crazy stories.

But I've also had incredible times as well from seeing the Aurora Borealis in Alaska after hunting them down for 13 days in sub freezing arctic conditions on the motorcycle, saving the life of my friend David who had his appendix burst in a remote village in Peru, full filling the last dying wishes of cancer stricken children in Guatemala, witnessing sunset on the world's largest salt flat in Bolivia, and losing all sense of time, location, and self from being alone for 500 days.

I always try to incorporate some charitable idea or project in my videos or projects but it's not always possible, the least I try to do is post a link to a charity in the local region I'm visiting in my YouTube videos for people to contribute or learn about.

For more content and stories please visit my other blog and website, The Modern Motorcycle

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