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What is this About?

Life is an Epic Adventure, get off the couch and make your own adventure starting today! This website is a resource for you to get educated and inspired to travel the world and conquer your personal goals, challenges and fears in your own life. Want to learn how to fly a drone? Need a fun travel video to motivate you? Want to know the best off the beaten path spots in Bolivia? How much travel costs? Or even filming techniques and what gear to use?


You'll get educated and entertained through engaging and professional videos, pictures, vlogs and articles about: Adventurous Off the Beaten Track Travel, Gear and Tech Reviews, Filming and Video Making Techniques, Exotic Locations, Inspiration and Motivation, Vlogs of Daily Travel, and my personal experiences in conquering my own challenges, the struggle and triumphs to show you that anyone can do it too!

I hope my years of experience, education, struggles and viral/educational/motivational videos will help contribute to your daily adventures and provide the tools you'll need to succeed on your next epic adventure you never thought would be possible.

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