Finding Peace on Earth

The Tawang Monastery in North East India is the 2nd largest in all of Asia. Join me in a fun filled day full of drone flying, meeting locals and day 2 of the Tawang festival. "I FOUND PEACE in MY LIFE " this video title is a reflection of my feelings during this day on my trip. I had a wonderful experience just sitting in the monastery for a few minutes as you see in the thumbnail reflecting and mediating on life, where I felt very relaxed and at peace with world for a brief moment. Check out my other India Episodes: #1 - #2 - Welcome to an all new 12 episode video series on India, in the most remote and least visited part in the northeast called, Arunachal Pradesh. Join me as I travel for 23 days through this amazing and remote region to show you exactly what there is, what it's about and share a fun and exciting adventure with you through my eyes. I'm delighted to announce the creation of this series along with the important announcement of a new format for my YouTube channel with "Daily Vlogs" that will be coming out starting this week. You'll be able to join me in my continued crazy global travels and adventures around the world and other themed videos that will entertain, inspire and educate you on a variety of subjects. I hope you will enjoy.

About the Alex

I'm a photographer and videographer that creates compelling and inspirational travel content. I"m always out somewhere having an adventure.

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